The Stahls’ Hotronix Fusion heat press now features the new Fusion IQ control board, which introduces advanced wireless technology.

Target Transfers, a member of GroupeSTAHL and the UK and Ireland distributors of Hotronix heat presses, reports that the new wireless capabilities will allow owners and operators to interact with their Fusion heat press anywhere, at any time via a web-based portal. “This line of technologically advanced presses provides your business with insights into job and operator performance, and allows you to make more proactive, data-driven changes in real time,” adds the company.

According to Target, Fusion users will now be able to track how much time their heat press is working and the periods it is sitting idle; access real-time reporting and adjust production capacity as needed; gain insight into when and how employees are working, as well as determining if there are any application issues and managing permissions for accurate application without added supervision.

The Fusion IQ offers the option of factory installed pre-sets or users’ own settings that apply to the specific types of transfers and films their customers are ordering, to standardise operations and “eliminate mistakes”.

“See how many times an operator went outside a pre-set application; avoid production missteps to maintain the quality and durability of your products,” says Target.

The new Hotronix Fusion press is available from June 2018.