MagnaColours explains how to use its new formaldehyde-free discharge ink in a few easy steps

In January this year MagnaColours relaunched its Discharge ULF system, a new range of formaldehyde-free discharge inks that promises enhanced wash durability.

According to MagnaColours, a key advantage of formaldehyde-free discharge inks is that there is no need to wash the garments after printing, eliminating a time-intensive step from the production process. “Additionally, removing any harmful chemical from the process is incredibly reassuring for brands, retailers and their customers.”

The new inks are said to offer increased brightness and superior wash-fastness, resulting in greater durability and a great look. “It’s no secret that our inks offer an environmentally safe alternative to many others out there, and this is something that’s increasingly important for the end customer,” ?? comments.

Changing over to new inks is a big decision, but ?? believes a switch to the Discharge ULF system will prove to be more than worth it. “There are many reasons why screen printers are choosing our range of discharge inks. The ‘wet-on-wet’ application removes the need for costly flash curing, making a significant energy saving. Additionally, the system delivers a bright finish, without the use of harmful chemicals and is easy to use.

“The benefits of this ink are numerous, but key to this has to be the end product. Our range produces a super soft finish, which really has to be experienced to be believed. Combined with excellent wash-durability and the ability to maintain bright colours on a range of dischargable fabrics, the benefits are there for all to see.

“We have specialist and experienced technicians in our in-house MagnaLabs who constantly strive to improve our products, be it brightness, runnability or wash-fastness. We want to offer our customers the best possible product on the market, living up to our promise of ‘making the impossible, possible’.”

The product range comprises of MagnaPrint Discharge Base ULF (used to achieve bright colours); MagnaPrint Blending White (used to achieve pastel shades, or under base); and Superwhite (used as a highlight white). The company offers full training to screen printers wanting to use this system.


1. Mix selected ULF product with a maximum of 6% MagnaPrint Eco Pigment

2. Add 6% Activator M (formaldehyde-free)

3. Mix and leave for 15 minutes to allow Activator to dissolve. Re-mix prior to printing

4. Print using 43-77t (110-200) mesh screens and a rectangular profile squeegee, medium hardness, 65° shore

5. For best results discharge prints should be printed wet-on-wet and avoid the use of flash units

6. Use 3-4mm off contact and print one stroke. The discharge paste must penetrate into the fabric. If necessary, reduce squeegee speed and increase the pressure

7. Always print Superwhite in the last position to avoid pick-off and build-up on screens

8. After printing, the garment/panel should be cured, ideally for 2. -3 min at 165°C/330°F