Henbury has announced that all production of its shirts will be packaged using recycled bags from the beginning of October.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, the new bags can be recycled, and are also resealable. Henbury is further encouraging its customers to re-use the bags by removing all of its branding from the packaging, with the exception of the style code sticker for identification purposes.

The company has also removed 77% of its shirts’ inner packaging, leaving only three recyclable components made from recycled materials, which are necessary “to retain the products value during transport and storage”.

Henbury said: “There has been a massive push in changing lifestyles to benefit our planet – across businesses and domestic – by reducing waste, recycling where possible and re-using until the end of product life.

“We want to make sure we are doing our part to minimise the plastic waste in our environment, as well as help our customers have comfort in knowing our products’ packaging has been made from recycled plastics.”

All products from Henbury brands are currently packaged using grade four recyclable bags, but the company said it’s continuing to work closely alongside its manufacturers towards ensuring that all of its brands’ products are packaged using 100% recycled plastic bags in the near future.

The new packaging has received very positive feedback from customers, added Henbury. “Our brand representative is out on the road speaking to our customers on a daily basis to get a feel for what our customers have great passion for, and going green is on everyone’s agenda.

“All customers are backing our efforts to reduce our waste, as well as theirs, 100%. There has been an inspiring response to the re-use of the bags to ensure a ‘circular economy’, and so discourage the use of single-use packaging.”