In April, the national charity Heart Research UK began its Heart of Scotland fundraising appeal by launching a one-of-a-kind T-shirt and a range of four coloured badges designed by internationally acclaimed designer Christopher Kane. “What inspired the designs for the T-shirts and badges? I use biology and science references a lot in my work; I really loved the idea of being quite factual with an illustration of a real heart,“ revealed Christopher. “Neon colours always make me stop and pay attention.

“Obviously I wanted it to look fantastic so that people would want to buy it, but most importantly, I want it to send out a subliminal message. I want people to really think about themselves or family members who might be showing signs of heart disease.”

[L-R] Sylvester McCoy, Amy Macdonald and Andrea McLean

The Heart of Scotland appeal – which is being supported by a number of Scottish celebrities including Loose Women‘s Andrea McLean, actor Sylvester McCoy, football manager David Moyes, Fran Healy of the band Travis and singer- songwriter Amy Macdonald – is building up to Heart of Scotland day on 21 June 2019 and is raising money for vital medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease. Every day, 41 people in Scotland die from cardiovascular disease. A person is almost twice as likely to die from coronary heart disease in Scotland than in the south of England.