Check out the key healthcare stats to discover why targeting this sector could have a seriously healthy effect on your business’s profits

There are 11,674 community pharmacies in England. The average person will visit a pharmacy 14 times over a year.
[Pharmacy Voice]

The total expenditure on healthcare in the UK in 2014, the latest year statistics are available for, was £179.4 billion, or 9.9% of GDP. [Office for National Statistics]

There are 14,348 care homes registered by Care Quality Commission in England. [Care Quality Commission]

The number of adult social care jobs in England was estimated at 1.55 million in 2015, up 12,500 from the year before. An estimated 19,300 organisations across 40,100 care-providing locations are involved in providing or organising adult social care in England. [Skills for Care]

It is estimated that there are 32,900 dentists working in general dental practice in the UK, and 49,350 registered dental care professionals. [British Dental Association]

Hospice UK, the national charity for hospice care, has 220 hospices across the UK as members. Twenty-five of these are specialist children’s hospice providers. [Hospice UK]

There were 7,674 GP practices in England in 2016. [NHS Confederation]