Health and Safety is Fruit of the Loom’s priority


Looking after employees always comes first

As an international employer, Fruit of the Loom Europe takes its responsibilities seriously. For years, it has set the standard for ethical manufacturing, creating safe, fair, and rewarding workplaces. Its industry-leading manufacturing plant in Morocco is a great example of its commitment to its principles and employees – it is truly managed The Fruit Way.

Providing healthcare, dental care and transport for employees

Gold-standard WRAP certified, Fruit of the Loom’s Moroccan factory provides excellent employment opportunities for many people in the local area. The company also provides safe transport to and from the site for hundreds of employees every day. In addition to competitive employee benefits, the employees also have free access to an on-site medical team, as well as continued access to training and development.

Safety first: fire protection and safety process trainings

Fire safety is paramount in Morocco. The facility has an advanced built-in sprinkler system throughout, and a factory-dedicated fire station with crew. The entire factory was designed around a network of fire-escape tunnels – and no employee is ever more than 50m away from access to an escape route. Any incident is always fully reported and investigated. Action is taken if necessary to minimise future risks. A safe and supported workforce – that’s The Fruit Way.

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