The new Merlin GS1502 twin-head machine from GS UK

The new Merlin Pro Industrial Embroidery Machine range from GS UK continues to grow, with the launch of the new Merlin GS1502 twin-head machine in February.

The new Merlin, which GS UK says complements the existing single-, four- and six-head machines in the range, has 15 needles and a large touchscreen that is fully loaded with a user-friendly control interface for easy operation. It is installed with Monogram Maestro Software, which offers 56 font styles and 230 stock designs. Various lettering deforms and monograms are also available, allowing the user to create unique personalised designs.

The GS1502 comes with a full selection of frames, including a cap frame and a sash frame, resulting in a versatile machine that is capable of producing caps, finished garments, flat embroidery and larger sized designs. The new machine has a maximum stitching speed of 1,000 spm.

Also new from GS UK is the Barcode feature from Merlin. “The system employs the principles of Poka-Yoke, a Japanese term meaning ‘mistake proofing’,” explains GS UK. “Poka-Yoke is a mechanism that helps an equipment operator avoid (yokeru) mistakes (poka). The Barcode feature is a perfect example of Poka-Yoke as it prevents incorrect designs being loaded and embroidered onto garments in error.”

A handheld barcode scanner is fitted to the machine, allowing users to scan the barcode that has been printed on to a production job/run sheet and automatically load that specific design into the Merlin Pro machine. “This accuracy of design retrieval coupled with speed ensures the Barcode feature is a valuable addition to both large and small businesses,” concludes GS UK.


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