Part of the L-Series range of laser cutting machines, the L1810 Vision Laser Cutter is especially suitable for the cutting of textiles, such as sportswear, dye-sublimated garments and various other raw materials used in the composite industry, says GS UK

“When it comes to keeping up with high production levels, laser cutters enable you to upgrade your production capacity while delivering high quality. The L1810 laser cutting machine has set new standards with unrivalled laser cutting technology!” states the company.

The L1810 is available in two models – one with and one without a Vision Camera System. The Vision system is described by GS UK as a “true game-changer within the industry”. The Trace & Cut function is designed to automate the cutting process. This method doesn’t require a cut file (so there is no lengthy design set up) thanks to the Vision Camera System, which detects the design; the software then creates a vector file automatically with the scanned data.

The Vision system will automatically laser cut out an entire roll of printed material with no pre-prepared cutting data, for maximum machine operator comfort, notes GS UK. “There’s also no need for printed registration marks, creating space for a better nesting of the print designs, and therefore maximising material use and costs.”