The new Gunold Poly Star thread, a polyester thread twisted with a metallic thread, is now available from GS UK. The polyester component ensures the thread is functional, hardwearing and soft, reports the brand, while the metallic thread makes it sparkle. “This special effect 30s weight thread offers a completely new look,” said GS UK. “Embroideries and decorative seams sewn with Poly Star look harmonious, subtle and at the same time very elegant.”

Gunold’s marketing manager Stephan Gunold added: “The existing metallic threads always seem to scratch your skin unpleasantly. This is exactly where we started with Poly Star: we were looking for a sparkling, glittering-effect thread that also feels pleasant to the skin and with Poly Star we have succeeded.” The complete range includes 54 colours, although initially GS UK will be stocking a selection of 20 popular shades in 1,000m mini-king cones.