A Cubbies toy embroidered using a fast frame and Filmoplast, with a layer of Solvy film on top

Popular embroidery products on the GS UK webshop continue to be Filmoplast backing and the Solvy water-soluble film, reports the company. “Filmoplast is a versatile backing and an ideal choice when used in conjunction with Fast Frames to embroider any items that are difficult to hoop,” says GS UK. The Filmoplast is stuck on the underside of the frame and the adhesive backing is exposed in the ‘open’ embroidering area of the frame. The item to be embroidered is pressed firmly down onto the sticky Filmoplast backing, which securely holds it in place. Filmoplast can also be used for stabilising stretchy fabrics, for example T-shirts and materials containing elastane, as well as for avoiding unwanted frame marks on delicate fabrics.

According to GS UK, adding a layer of Solvy film prior to stitching when embroidering items, such as the Cubbies Bear (pictured), helps to prevent the stitches ‘sinking’ into the pile of the fabric. “Solvy can enhance the definition and detail of an embroidery on problematic fabrics; also, if using Solvy it is not always necessary to put in the normal additional stitches required to ‘flatten’ the pile of a fabric,” the company explains. As the film is water-soluble, it can easily be removed after stitching. It can also be used as fabric backing when both sides of the embroidery are visible and high quality results are required, such as on scarves or towels.




The embroidered Cubbies toys


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