The Brother GT-3 Series of printers are modular

The Brother GT-3 Series direct-to-garment printers are a popular choice for everyone from established printers to start-ups thanks to their high quality prints and ease of use, says GS UK. The GT-3 Series is also modular-based, and so are ideal for expanding businesses.

The Brother GT 341 is perfect for start-ups, and with CMYK it can print on whites and light coloured garments. The GT 361 and GT 381 models offer the further option of being able to print onto dark garments. Those being printed with a white underbase will need pretreatment with GS UK recommending the Schulze PretreatMaker IV as the perfect solution.

“All of the GT-3 printers use direct-to-garment inks which can be used to print on a variety of fabric types, however best quality results are achieved using 100% cotton and high cotton blends,” notes GS UK.

With a large team of highly qualified engineers, GS UK are able to install, train and service machines throughout the UK.


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