Dae Ha Films

From Dae Ha UK

Lena Geidane

Managing director

Tell us a bit about your business
GS In Style is a personalisation factory that prints and embroiders personalised items where each item decoration is different. Our clients are retailers, sports clubs, boutiques, schools and other businesses which offer their members and customers personalised and branded products.

What films do you use, and when did you start using them?
We use all different films from Dae Ha UK and always shop with confidence there. We were one of their first customers in the UK. We tried them initially and then decided to switch from another supplier – the quality, customer service and reliability are great. We used to run our in-house quality checks on film batches, ie washing products a number of times to ensure the quality of the film and adhesive, but after few runs with Dae Ha we became confident to trust their films; it’s saved us tonnes of time and money. I can’t say the same for other suppliers we work with.

What other films, if any, did you look at before purchasing this brand?
We are a very quality-focused company – the quality of our products is our top priority. I believe we went through all suppliers supplying textile films in the UK and we keep checking the new products coming up on the market every year, but Dae Ha is still our favourite.

What do you think are the main advantages of the Dae Ha films?
Variety of colours, adhesiveness, press time and temperature across different ranges, availability and opportunity to buy from one metre to pallets.

We were one of their first customers in the UK. We tried them initially and then decided to switch from another supplier

Is there anything you‘d like to see in a new version or don’t particularly like about it?
I would improve the visibility of the cut line on silver and light gold glitter if at all possible, but nothing else.

What’s the film like to use? Do you have any tips on how to get the most out of it?
It is very easy to weed, easy to apply, but yes, we also have a tip which Dae Ha customer service shared with us once: if you ever find it difficult to weed the film as it is too tacky, put it on a warm heat press plate for a couple of seconds to warm the film. Our processing team just loved that when we needed to process a thousand prints a day.

What is it used for, ie what size runs and type of work?
We use films for personalised printing, from single items to thousands of items per order.

What machines do you use?
We use Roland cut and print-and-cut machines, and Adkins and Hotronix Dual Air Fusion heat presses.

What would be your advice to others looking for a new film brand?
Start with Dae Ha UK and spend the time you save looking for films on adding new products and customers.