Machine: DTG M2

From YES

Ed Holloway

Print room manager

Tell us a bit about your business
Grindstore Limited is based in Norfolk and has over 20 years‘ experience in retail and wholesale distribution. Our product catalogue includes clothing, accessories and gifts with custom printing available on demand. We understand the importance of high quality printing, great design and excellent customer service.

What is the latest DTG machine that you have bought, and why did you buy it?
In our latest round of investments in our print department, we spent around £100k on new equipment, which included two new DTG M2 machines. The decision was made to invest in the M2 as we were looking to increase our productivity due to company growth.

What other machines, if any, did you look at before purchasing this one?
We looked at all the machines the industry had to offer at the time in great depth, including the Kornit, Resolute RJet, TexJet and the Brother GTX, but we did not feel that they were right for us at the time.

Why did you choose your machine? What do you think are its main advantages?
The M2 was exactly what we needed; we also have a great relationship with YES who stock and maintain the machines, so that works well for us. The internal setup of the M2 is very similar to the machines we already have so the team felt comfortable operating them. The ability to print two diff erent T-shirts at once is also a huge advantage.

Is there anything you‘d like to see in an upgrade or don‘t particularly like about it?
An increase in print speed would be beneficial, and perhaps a slightly more user-friendly control panel on the printer.

What’s the machine like to use? Do you have any tips on how to get the most out of it?
The machine is very simple to use, the software and TucLoc beds make designs really straightforward to print. You can train someone up on the basics of the printer within an hour. My tip to get the most out of it is to play around with the colour and resolution settings, while doing this you will learn more about the printer and its capabilities.

What is it used for?
Our machines are mainly used to print orders on demand, which are placed through our websites, but we also use them for custom orders with runs of 200 or more.

What other machines do you have?
We currently run DTG HM1 printers alongside our DTG M2s; they are effectively the same machine but an older version, and they both run off the same software and work well alongside each other.

What would be your advice to others thinking of buying a DTG machine?
My advice to others in an ever-expanding DTG market would be to do your research, find the printer that suits your needs and go and spend the day testing it.

The M2 was exactly what we needed; we also have a great relationship with YES who stock and maintain the machines