A comprehensive range of cutters – from entry-level to large-format – for businesses of all sizes

Graphtec GB supplies a wide range of innovative cutting solutions to manufacturers of customised and personalised sportswear, leisurewear, fashion accessories and promotional products through a network of authorised resellers. The range includes the Graphtec CE and FC series of larger-format cutters, Silhouette entry-level desktop cutters, and the new range of Brother ScanNCut machines.

“Available at prices recognised as the most affordable in the market, starting at just £180, all of the machines come with a fully supported UK warranty and the peace of mind of Graphtec’s unrivalled level of technical support,” promises the company.

The Graphtec CE and FC series

“The CE7000 range delivers precision performance at a cost-effective starting price point and in a choice of four sizes (40cm, 60cm, 130cm and 160cm),” says Graphtec.

The CE7000 has a maximum cutting speed of 1,000mm/sec and a maximum cutting force of 450g.

For those who need a higher cutting force and faster cutting speed, the FC9000 range is available.

The FC9000 provides one of the highest performance capabilities currently available, reports Graphtec.

“This is due to the addition of production-enhancing features and comes as standard with a new barcode reader for continuous cut capabilities.”

The Graphtec CE and FC series offer precision cutting performance

The Graphtec CE and FC series offer precision cutting performance

It is available in four different sizes, with the 75cm, 100cm, 140cm and 160cm models capable of cutting material widths of 762mm, 1,067mm, 1,372mm and 1,626mm respectively. “With a maximum cutting speed of 1,485mm/sec and a cutting force of 600gf (5.88N), the FC9000 is considered to have reached a new level for high-end cutting.”

The FC9000 also includes the latest Version 8 of Graphtec’s proprietary ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing) system for optimum media tracking and cutting accuracy. The FC range is supplied as standard with Graphtec’s own-brand design and production software, including Graphtec Pro Studio for Windows and Graphtec Studio for Mac applications. Optional Cutting Master 4 software enables integration with software such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw.

Silhouette desktop cutters

Silhouette Cameo 4 Pro is the largest of the Silhouette machines and is packed with performance-enhancing design features, in addition to those already available in the Cameo 4 and 4 Plus machines.

It has a cutting width of 610mm and a cutting force of 5kg, which enables the processing of a wider range of media and, in particular, those which are thicker.

“Also included is an adjustable clip-on roll feeder and vinyl cross-cutter, which produces superb cutting accuracy, LED backlit multi-functional control panel, 3mm head clearance, and auto-detect blade attachments, including a deep-cut option for the processing of thicker materials,” explains Graphtec.

The Cameo 4 Pro is supplied as standard with Silhouette Studio design and production software, with the option of three additional Silhouette Studio programs (Designer, Designer Plus and Business), together with a free subscription to the Silhouette Design Store.

This resource houses a vast selection of downloadable images and special effects.

There are three Silhouette cutters available from Graphtec GB
There are three Silhouette cutters available from Graphtec GB

ScanNCut machines

“Graphtec GB is proud to announce that we are now an official UK distributor and supplier of Brother’s fantastic range of ScanNCut machines, consumables, media, accessories and software.”

Since June 2022, Graphtec GB has been offering the ScanNCut range, which comprises three different models: the SDX900 and SDX1200 models, and the entry-level CM300.

“Unlike other digital cutting tools on the market, Brother’s ScanNCut machines can be used completely independently of a computer so if you’re not comfortable using a computer, you don’t need to worry,” explains Graphtec GB. “Brother’s ScanNCut technology allows you to literally scan any image – whether pre-created, printed or hand drawn – into the machine and turn that image into a file that can be either cut or drawn onto your chosen media.”

The three machines are crammed with features from preloaded patterns, automatic blade depth and pressure sensor technology to wireless LAN connection and Pen Draw Technology. “With a maximum cutting depth of 3mm, the SDX series of machines are perfect for crafters and small businesses,” concludes Graphtec.

For more information on the series of plotters contact Graphtec GB on sales@graphtecgb.co.uk or visit its website.