The new WidLaser systems are designed to effectively respond to the needs and demands of a fast-paced cutting and engraving business, explains Graphtec UK

“There are currently two models in the range: the S600 and S1000, which promise speeds up to three times greater than conventional Co2 systems.” The two WidLaser models are powered by ceramic tubes, which enables them to produce incredibly intricate and detailed designs at a much faster rate, adds Graphtec.

“Both the S600 and S1000 models come with a honeycomb table with a working area of 813 x 508mm and 1,600 x 1,000mm respectively; the S1000 also has an adjustable height of 200mm and has the added benefit of a removable blade bed.

“The S600 offers a power output of 30W or 60W, whereas the S1000 has an even more impressive range starting from 100W up to 120W ceramic RF laser tubes, which will cut and engrave a diverse number of materials.”

The S600 and S1000 both include RD Works software, and also are compatible with software from suppliers such as Lightburn. They’re built around WidInovations CleanProtect Design ethos, which is designed to protect users from dust and smoke via an built-in extraction system and sealed construction.

Both models come with delivery to site, installation and training, plus Graphtec’s full Service Solution, which includes a one-year warranty and Lifetime UK Technical Support.