Graphics One is introducing a new family of production software called ColorMate RIP, developed specifically for printers who use Macs.

It will initially be released for use with the Graphics One turnkey ScreenMate film positive printing systems and will be followed by other versions for separate targeted markets.

Graphics One vice president Dan Barefoot said: “For many years, screen printers who used the Macintosh as their platform of choice have had limited-featured RIP products to use in their screen print workflow.

“With the launch of GO ColorMate RIP SP, this changes with the inclusion of our extensive range of software power tools developed specifically for the use of Mac-based screen printers.”

Graphics One will launch other Mac-native RIPs for the following targeted applications: GO ColorMate RIP TT toner transfer for OKI printers, GO ColorMate RIP DS for dye sublimation printers, and GO ColorMate RIP DTG / DTF for direct-to-garment and direct-to-film printers.

Barefoot added: “Although ColorMate RIP offers advanced professional features not found in other RIPs or drivers, the work¬space is designed with simplicity with the underlying functionality being fully featured for the targeted applications.”

GO’s ColorMate RIP SP will be available in late summer through the Graphics One distribution channel.

Graphics One is a leading integrator and distributor of professional digital imaging products including ScreenMate, SubliMate Xpress Heat Press and Xpress Calendar. As the distribution arm of Prism Inks, it has a worldwide network of channel partners with installation, service and technical advice to support its products.