Graphics One is introducing two new desktop dye sublimation solutions in the UK, bundling printers with design software.

The GO ET-2720 DS (dye sub), measuring 8.5” x 14”s, (21.6cm x 35.5cm), and GO ET-15000 DS, measuring 13” x 19” (33cm x 48.2cm), use new printer technology that was introduced this year.

The systems include printers with Wi-Fi, inks, media, design software and warranty support along with a variety of accessories that are intended to position both units as “the easiest, most user-friendly desktop dye sub printers available”. Both printers are cotton and polyester dye sub capable out of the box.

GO’s new dye sub printers offer the latest print-head technology with ultra high-resolution imaging at speeds described as “unmatched in the industry”. They use dye sub ink manufactured by Prism Inks, which deliver vibrant colours, deep blacks and a wide colour gamut.

Amir Ajanee, managing partner at Graphics One, said: “Our first objective was to provide a complete turnkey solution so that anyone who would like to initiate dye sub production would find it very simple to get started.

“We have developed a fully featured software capability that allows users of smartphones, tablets, PCs or Macintoshes to start using the system immediately.

“This innovative software bundle includes design software, access to over 140 million downloadable images, more than 30,000 templates for blanks, links to social media sites, online collaboration and an unparalleled support network.

“Additionally, our dye sub to cotton Fuze liquid uses a simple ‘spray and press’ method that opens the way for users to image both cotton and polyester using our GO SubliMate dye sub ink and paper.”

Graphics One, based in California, launched the new dye sub systems in the USA this month. They will shortly be available in the UK as part of deals being set up with Graphics One’s network of distributors worldwide.

Ajanee added: “We have developed complete simple-to-use systems and are hopeful that our initiative will be helpful to many of those who will be starting home-based dye sub businesses.”