Graphics One has announced the launch of two screen printing packages for imaging film positives.

The GO ET-15000 SP 13×19” desktop system and the GO T3170x SP 24” turnkey system will both be available in June 2020 through the Graphics One distribution network.

Each new system comes with three 140ml bottles of GO ScreenMate colour separation ink, ScreenMate film and CADLink Technology FilmMaker RIP software.

Dan Barefoot, vice president of Graphics One, said: “We decided to integrate full systems after many of our customers requested that we offer high end film positive capabilities with our colour separation inks and microporous film.

“We were able to achieve this by employing the latest printer technology along with CADLink’s FilmMaker RIP software for both of our printing systems.

“Our new printing systems will establish a new standard for high quality film positives for the screen print industry.”