This year’s official T-shirt for the SGIA 2017 Expo in New Orleans in October was created by Graphic Elephants/Print This.

Designed with the intention of capturing the spirit of the New Orleans’ French Quarter, it features a saxophone-playing alligator on account of alligators being local to the state of Louisiana and new Orleans being a town well-known for its musical heritage.

The team started off with a pencil sketch, which was then scanned in and cleaned up in Photoshop, before colour was added digitally, layering the colours to produce optimal results when the finished design was screen printed.

The colours used included, in order, two white underbases (one soft and a wet hard white), royal, purple, turquoise, green red, magenta, orange, gold and a highlight white. A rainbow foil was used on the pipes of the saxophone, and some gold beads were also applied to provide a finishing touch.

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