The TS-ONE from Siser at Grafityp

Grafityp UK offers a number of heat presses for garment transfer applications. Supplied by Siser and Stahls’, Grafityp’s collection of heat presses caters for a broad spectrum of users, from entry level and hobbyist to professional for high output. The range includes clam presses, swing action presses, dual plate presses, manual and automatic.

The TS-One from Siser is a popular choice, reports Grafityp: “Our best-selling heat press, it is a sturdy, well-designed press with a swing-away action for ease of access when placing garments on the lower platen. It comes with a standard pressing area of 380 x 500mm, has an LCD display screen and operates at temperatures up to 220°C.”

There are various additional plates available to purchase separately for the TS-One to broaden the range of applications users can offer. These include 15 x 15cm plates, which are ideal when applying on to pockets or sleeves; cap plates, which enable applications on to a variety of hats; a shoe achilles attachment for printing onto the shoe heel area; and an H plate for shoes for when applying to the sides.


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