The SGIA announced this year’s winners of the Golden Image Competition at the SGIA 2015 Exposition in Atlanta in November. Winners included Empas Emprime, which won Best of Show Finished Garments – Single Multicolor Entries; and Taru Print Tech for Illusion Emblem, which won Best of Show Digital.

Lynka, from Krakow in Poland, won the Gold Medal for the best printed T-shirt with the design, ‘Elephant Comes Alive’. “I can remember how it felt 18 years ago, when we won our very first award here at SGIA in Atlanta, and I can say that it still feels great,” comments Lynka founder and CEO John Lynch. “We still invest heavily in research and development and new printing technologies to guarantee that we continue to stay on top of the game. I am proud of my team for their hard work and continuous efforts to improve.”