Golden Finishes has completed a successful summer season by supplying pennants for the equally successful Team GB at the Paralympics in Rio.

“We have an excellent reputation in the industry for producing quality pennants for a number of applications at value for money prices,” commented sales director Jeremy Aston-Phillips. “This summer we have produced pennants for our customers for many of the Premiership football teams as well as the Northern Ireland team for Euro 2016, and now Team GB at the Paralympics.”

Golden Finishes also recently announced a price freeze for all of its products. “‘Many of the suppliers to the trade who buy in dollars have been forced to increase their prices following Brexit and the resulting state of flux in the money markets,” said Jeremy. “At Golden Finishes, we are delighted to announce that our prices are standing still for the next 12 months. We are proud of the fact that our products are made in the UK in Wales and all manufactured on-site.”