The Goccopro promises computer-to-screen-to-T-shirt in five minutes

“The screen printing revolution starts here!” says Goccopro. “This Goccopro is a machine that will change the way screen printing is viewed forever. It removes the need for a darkroom; it removes the need for lots of chemicals; it removes all that space you needed in the past. It removes the difficult-to-master emulsion part of the operation. It removes pinholes.”

The result of removing all the above is a speedy turnaround that means you are ready to print in five minutes, reports the company. “Screens create amazing halftone images, which will change the type of printing you can offer your customers, giving you an edge on the competition. If you don’t have this technology in your business you will be left behind.”

The key features of the Goccopro are that it fits on a desktop, is easy to use with no mess, there is no clean-up after printing as the screen is simply removed then binned, and is great for short runs.

To see the Goccopro in action simply go to YouTube, type in Goccopro UK and watch the videos.


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