Clothing manufacturer Gildan Activewear has re-affirmed its commitment to tackling climate change through a new report providing transparency on how it is achieving that goal.

Its first Climate Change Disclosure Report sets out to demonstrate how the company is assessing and integrating climate-related matters, such as reducing carbon emissions, into its business practices.

Its publication follows new environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets set out in its Next Generation ESG strategy this year, including investment in low-carbon and low-water processes and textile recycling.

The report focuses on how Gildan is working towards “fully aligning” with the international Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)’s framework for improving and increasing the reporting of climate-related financial information, aiming to achieve this by 2025.

Peter Iliopoulos, senior vice-president for taxation, sustainability and governmental affairs at Gildan, explained: “Gildan has been monitoring and addressing climate-related risks and opportunities for over 15 years, and the TCFD framework allows us to better understand our physical and transitional risks, as well as opportunities to enhance our resiliency over the long run.”

In their introduction to the report, Peter and Gildan’s vice-president for global social compliance and environmental affairs, Claudia Sandoval, added: “With this report, we hope to further our engagement with our investors, governments, communities and others to help us in addressing important climate issues and in enhancing our climate change disclosures over time.

“Science is showing that climate change is impacting the world around us and, as one of the world’s leading apparel manufacturers, we recognise that the actions we take matter in reducing our carbon footprint.”

The report also highlights that Gildan is paying close attention to climate scientists in case the current situation worsens. “While we have taken steps to address the risks we may face, the impacts of climate change may intensify, and we recognise that we must continually update our risk assessments and climate strategy.”

The 2022 Climate Change Disclosure Report is part of Gildan’s 2022 reporting suite which includes the 2021 Annual Report and 2021 ESG Report that were published earlier this year.

Click here for a PDF of the 2022 Climate Change Disclosure Report.