Whether you want a bespoke garment decoration website, a software system to streamline your production or an online designer, these companies have it covered

eTrader Websites

Bespoke websites for garment decorators

“eTrader is continuing to revolutionise how the garment decoration trades online with its modern state of the art websites,” says the company. It offers bespoke websites that use the latest responsive designs and include data from over 100 brands as well as a selection of sales, search engine optimisation and marketing applications that provide customers with effective tools to add value to their business.

“eTrader Websites is unparalleled in making selling online simple for garment decorators,” the company adds. “With the slickest checkout and the latest modern design and a number of tools available, the sites focus on providing customers with practical tools that increase their online sales and grow their online presence.”

The BPMA show taking place at Silverstone in September will see the launch of the latest product from eTraders: websites for promotional products. The company has carried out extensive research and development with the aim of creating a new website product that complements the garment decorator version of the site. “A large proportion of our customers offer promotional products as well as clothing and haven’t got a solution which allows them to sell online easily,” says managing director John Sheppard. “After extensive development work we have produced something the promotional products industry has been crying out for.”



Thirty years of industry knowledge

The development team at North London garment decorator TOTShirts has drawn on the company’s 30 years of experience to create its own software system that streamlines all aspects of the business, from CRM to order management to human resources, consolidating it all into a single, easy-to-use modular system.

Managing director Peter Joyce says: “The system has an intuitive interface coupled with a powerful and flexible data model to support the multiplicity of variables encountered day-to-day in the garment decorating business.” Continual real time data is made available to all users through both desktop and tablet format, eliminating the need for hard copy or duplicate processing. The use of real time data across the system, including the online customer portal, enriches the client experience by allowing them to know what is happening with their order 24/7, while simultaneously lowering the resource levels required to support them.

According to Peter, the system reduces errors, keeps the wage bill down, and enables efficient scheduling of work, allowing the company to maximise capacity.

“It allows us to provide our customers with an unparalleled service, and gives us the means to execute better informed decisions,” he explains.

From early 2017, the development team that have worked with TOTShirts on this project will be offering a commercial version of the software to other garment decorators. 



Online interactive designer

According to InkSoft, the greatest challenge and bottleneck affecting today’s printing businesses is art content. “InkSoft’s HTML5 Design Studio allows your customers and staff to create production-ready art content quickly and easily right from your website,” says the company. “This saves time and creates a fun, engaging and unique experience.” Customers are able to save, share, and get quotes, as well as checkout and make online payments using the built-in shopping cart.

The Design Studio’s features include: 12,000 royalty-free vector graphics; image uploader for customer-supplied art; built-in social share function; ability to upload and use your own fonts; vintage distressed effects; team roster/player names and numbers feature; and quick quoting function.

It can be embedded into any website and InkSoft says it offers time savings, competitive differentiation and lead generation tools, along with “increased access and reach to customers via online sales and internet marketing”. 




E-commerce store with designer tool

ShirtTools is an e-commerce store with a built-in online designer tool that allows customers to personalise products online. Once a customer has placed an order, the decorator can log in to the admin area and download their designs, says the company, adding: “The biggest players in the industry use similar technology: think of Vistaprint, Custom Ink, and Moonpig.com.”

According to ShirtTools, “web-based online designer tools turn small custom jobs into very profitable sales. Think of how much time you’re spending with customers answering questions, recommending products and creating artwork proofs. When you add up all those minutes and compare it to your hourly expenses, there’s very little profit left in the job. This can be countered with a ShirtTools website, because customers self-serve without any interaction from you.”

There are no monthly fees for ShirtTools; instead decorators can buy the product and own it for life. Key features of the system are that it supports full-colour digital printing (output files as high resolution PNG); it supports vinyl cutting businesses (output files as SVG vector art); it works on mobile devices such as tablets and phones; and it is preloaded with professional theme templates.


RSK Tech

E-commerce for the personalisation sector

Netshirt from RSK Tech is e-commerce software designed specifically for the personalisation industry. “The software is broadly recognised as one of the world’s best ecommerce software solutions for personalised products,” says RSK Tech. “Many large companies have used the software – even Coca Cola used the software for their personalised bottle campaign!” 

Netshirt can be used to personalise anything from T-shirts and bags to glassware and bedding, and comes with an integrated checkout system, which RSK Tech says keeps costs down as the company says there is no need for garment decorators to use any other software on their website.

A Netshirt subscription allows decorators to use the software on more than one website, and the software can also be used as an in-store terminal if there is a bricks-and-mortar store. According to RSK Tech, because the software is built using HTML, it loads instantly and is able to run on mobiles and tablets.

It comes with unlimited support, ideal for those businesses that are just starting out, as well as larger organisations. “It is the only software provider which can integrate its software with your current setup, which certainly sets it apart from the competition,” concludes RSK Tech.




Free online shop

Cottonridge has developed a customer website called My Online Shop, which it says any printshop in the UK can use for free – the company will never charge for it. The basic version of the site is designed so that decorators need just three or four clicks of the mouse to generate a quote for a customer.

It can be upgraded to a full e-commerce site that allows you to take online payments, with another upgrade available for an even more sophisticated version that offers a full order process management system.

All Cottonridge needs is the garment decorator’s logo and the team can set up the site within 48 hours. “We don’t needs loads of information or spreadsheets full of prices, so it is really simple to get started,” confirms Cottonridge.

Cottonridge created the system after feedback from a customer who said they were using a distributor website, but were unable to add any products not offered by the distributor. “They also did not like being beholden to one supplier, so we decided to develop a website that will accommodate products from multiple suppliers, giving the print shop the freedom to offer products from any of their favourite suppliers,” explains the company. An online demo of the site is available at the Cottonridge website. 



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