DecoNetwork is offering 30-minute virtual tours to help decorators understand how to grow their print and embroidery businesses through personalisation and affiliate marketing, using its online design software.

“Personalisation and online selling, especially affiliate marketing of your products, is growing at a very fast pace for the garment decoration industry at this time, and if you are thinking of offering this service you will be amazed at how quickly you can turn your online business into a successful money-making machine,” comments the brand.    

“Affiliate online marketing using ecommerce stores is a hugely successful way of having other people sell for you,” it continues. “By simply setting sellers up with an ecommerce store, filled with your products, they can start successfully selling online on your behalf whilst you do the fulfilment, and pay the seller a commission on each sale.

“Using this method to make money online means you can potentially have a stream of revenue from different ‘sellers’ marketing /selling your products. You can even customise affiliate stores to fit the branding needs of each one of your clients.

“Once an online store is set up, an affiliate marketer simply selects the products from your product range that he would like to sell, marks up his selling price and starts to sell on a commission basis. Both you and the affiliate online store owner can log in and monitor sales and progress of an order at any time with payments being processed online directly through the affiliate store.”

The tours guide visitors around the DecoNetwork platform allowing them to experience the entire customer process from order through to fulfilment. “Our specialist team will customise the demo for your requirements and to maximise your 30 minutes. By the end of the tour, you will have a better understanding of the software and see why DecoNetwork is the preferred management software for the garment decoration industry,” promises the brand.

To see how an affiliate can be set up, visit the DecoNetwork YouTube channel:

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