A new logo for Fruit of the Loom is being rolled out to represent a rejuvenation of the garment brand while referencing its heritage.

The familiar arrangement of the fruit remains the same but the logo now has a clean look with a 2D-style design thanks to the removal of shading and highlights. These minor changes – the first since 2003 – are intended to make the logo colours appear brighter and the contours thinner.

Announcing the redesign, Fruit of the Loom International said: “With the subtle design changes, Fruit of the Loom is keeping its finger on the pulse of the time and underlining the brand’s efforts to stay attractive for a younger target audience.

“The redesign of the logo stands for the rejuvenation of the brand and represents the traditional brand heritage in terms of quality, (colour) diversity and modern styles for all ages.”

The business dates back to when Fruit of the Loom was founded in 1851 and started producing cotton fabrics and textiles in Rhode Island in the US. The first logo featuring fruits including a red apple and berries was created in 1893.