Fruit of the Loom: Committed to reducing packaging and recycling waste


Dramatically reducing paper and plastic packaging waste since 2022

Over the last few years, Fruit of the Loom Europe has completely overhauled its approach to packaging. Not only in terms of the packaging it uses when it ships its own garments: it also has a strict policy on the types of packaging material it accepts coming into its facilities.

Its objective has been to dramatically reduce the paper and plastic packaging it uses, and to ensure that the packaging it does use is made from the most sustainable materials available. Since December 2022, Fruit of the Loom Europe completely switched all in-house cartons to 100% recycled materials.

Reduce, reuse & recycle

Throughout its manufacturing plant in Morocco, re-usable containers are in operation wherever it is practical. Since 2020, Fruit eradicated carton liners and polybag packaging from its garment cartons, and it is working towards the minimisation and future elimination of plastic bags and stretch films. Recently it has converted to plastic made from at least 60% recycled post-costumer waste.

Fruit of the Loom Europe has also removed the use of baler bags from its own facilities, and all sourced suppliers have been instructed to eliminate this type of packaging too. With this move it saved 12.5 tons of plastic in 2022.

Mineral-free ink and a new recycled materials logo

All cartons and packaging from Fruit will now feature its new recycled materials logo. And it just made the switch to mineral-free ink for all its carton printing.

Zero waste to landfill means that Fruit recycles all its garment off-cuts. As packaging technology develops further into the future, it is committed to being among the first to embrace the changes that make even more of a positive difference, and it will continue to implement innovative solutions across its entire packaging process.