Fruit of the Loom is stepping up its drive to be more ethical in garment manufacturing by joining the Better Cotton initiative for more sustainable cotton growing.

The company said it had become a member of Better Cotton as part of its efforts to increase corporate standards alongside a commitment to responsible production processes.

Its drive for more sustainability is reflected in its new colour for 2022, Athletic Heather. Described as a sleek and elegant “sporty grey”, it comes in five styles across T-shirts and polo shirts.

Athletic Heather’s fabric is made of 90% cotton and 10% recycled polyester which means the fabric is more sustainably produced as well as being comfortable and soft on the skin.

It is fully in line with the company’s sustainability initiative, “The Fruit Way”, because it reprocesses and gives new life to recycled materials.

Fruit of the Loom has joined Better Cotton because the garment supplier is actively involved in improving cotton farming practices on a global scale

Better Cotton, also known as the Better Cotton Initiative, is aimed at helping cotton communities to survive and thrive as well as at protecting and restoring the environment.

It trains farmers in how to use water efficiently, respect the health of the soils and natural living space, reduce the use of harmful chemicals and respect fair working conditions.

Announcing its membership of Better Cotton, Fruit of the Loom said in a statement: “We are proud to be a member of an organisation that improves global cotton production for people, for the environment and for the future of the industry.”