Which garments and accessories do industry professionals prefer and why? Every month, one reader tells us why they rate a particular style

This month, Ranjit Rai, managing director of Workwear Crew in Bradford, explains that the 65/35 Polo from Fruit of the Loom is his top pick because it is “a very reliable polo shirt that stands the test of time”. He adds: “The 65/35 Polo is a versatile range; it’s a staple workwear and schoolwear garment in the UK market. The short- and long-sleeve kids’ styles are perfect for schools and now, with three different adult fits, it is attractive to the wider workwear audience I supply to as well.”

The polos are also, he says, great to decorate with either embroidery or print, and come in a wide range of colours.“By using a light but super strong backing such as Weblon, you can achieve optimum stabilisation whilst ensuring your embroidery process complements the functionality of the garment,” he says. “Weblon is a soft, sheer, no-show, cut-away backing with a very fine texture, making it the ideal choice for use on lightweight fabrics such as polo shirts, T-shirts and performancewear. For designs with over 8,000 stitches that may require extra stabilisation, we recommend using two pieces or adding a piece of lightweight tear-away. Place the Weblon next to the garment and take care not to overstretch your fabric.”


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