This superbly detailed design of broken concrete was printed by Frontlines of Slovakia. Owner Ján Onderík explains how to create a showstopping screen print using a single colour

“A friend working in the concrete industry came by one day and asked for something special. We came up with the idea of broken concrete, because there is not much that is interesting in concrete structures that can be focused on when designing T-shirt graphics.

“The client Woxyn only wanted 15 pieces so the main idea was to keep it as simple as possible. We decided to make it a one-colour print.”

Ján printed the design onto Gildan Hammer T-shirts using a 8/8 Printex manual press with micro-registration, plus Wilflex Epic Sprint White plastisol ink.

Frontlines decorated Gildan Hammer T-shirts

Frontlines decorated Gildan Hammer T-shirts

For more details on how Frontlines created this print, plus the equipment and techniques used, visit our June 2023 issue here