Dominic Bunce of embroidery digitiser David Sharp explains how to banish bad appliqué to the past by using tearable fabrics

Appliqué technique has been a thorn in the side for many embroiderers over the years. Previously, all material had to be cut to shape, leaving a significant margin for error due to misplacement or fabric that had been poorly cut by hand.

Cutting fabrics with laser came next, and greatly reduced the time taken to achieve the correct shape, as well as aiding with accurate placement. A potential issue, however, is the expense of the equipment and the need to train staff on how to carry out a technique that is often only used for low volumes and one-offs.

Nowadays, there are easier solutions available to appliqué embroidery makers. Super-easy tearable fabrics are available in a range of colours and textures, allowing for most appliqué projects to be catered for. Madeira, for example, offers fabrics that range from sparkly glitter materials to twill and velvet. These are ideal for one-off and small-run projects, producing a quality finish in a quick and efficient way…

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