Following a trial at a customer site last year, the Compact Air Cleaner from Hunkeler Systeme has now been officially launched in the UK.

Available from Friedheim, the Hunkeler Compact Air Cleaner (HKA) is heralded as a ‘low-cost, low-footprint solution to a critical issue”. The free-standing portable unit pulls dirty, dusty air in from the shop environment and cleans it via a filter system. 

“The filters are certified to ISO16890 and can trap dust, fibres, pollen, smoke, bacteria, viruses and similar allergens – keeping air quality to FFP2-3 standards (with other filtration options available),” explains the company. 

“The powerful fans are able to clean 10,000 cubic metres of air per filter system while operating quietly and efficiently, drawing just 750 watts/hr. This is possible due to ultra-modern, maintenance-free fans.”

It uses a standard 230V connection and comes in a range of four sizes, and so is suitable for small or large manufacturing places.

Companies are responsible for their employees’ health, notes Friedheim. 

“With the recent pandemic, much emphasis is placed on respiratory health, and this is where Hunkeler System is offering significant improvements to the work environment. The major risk directly from production environments is manufacturing dust and fibres made from machinery with moving parts and materials of a powdery or fibrous nature; this includes inks and coatings, papers, cardboards & fabrics, as well as some metal and plastic work. These cause several serious respiratory ailments as well as skin and eye conditions.”

It adds: “Properly mitigating the health risks associated with dust in the workplace not only massively reduces the chance of developing a new respiratory disease at work, it also helps reduce the exacerbation of existing and underlying conditions.”

Friedheim is currently offering a quick and free air quality/particulate test, as well as subsequent air quality improvement tests, across the UK.