Forever Sewing has announced its new partnership with high street retailer Next.

Based in Rotherham, Yorkshire, the bespoke clothing brand has made its classic loungewear and romper suits available to purchase via The range is available for both boys and girls from ages 0-6 years, and comes in a variety of colours with an option for personalisation. 

The range is available for both boys and girls from ages 0-6 years

Laura Newman, founder and owner of Forever Sewing, said: “This journey has been crazy. Never did I think that from starting to sew at my kitchen table that we would have a beloved and successful brand.

“We’ve grown from a small hard-working team into a bigger team that is thriving, opened our very own Forever Sewing shop, and now to top it off we can celebrate a partnership with Next!

“Next is a great store for us, as it embodies our family brand ethos, and we felt it was the right and exciting next big step for us to take as a company.

“Last year was a great year for us, we have learnt so much and are continuing to grow, and now we’re looking forward to showing everyone what we have in store for the rest of 2020.”

Forever Sewing will add a few more select ranges to its offering on throughout the year.