Wide-format digital print company, RMC Digital Print, has turned its attention towards printing and cutting sewing patterns for the ‘For the Love of Scrubs’ campaign.  

Nicole Spencer, operations director at RMC, said: “I’d seen Scrub Hub on the news so looked them up, but they don’t have a local group, so I found ‘For the Love of Scrubs’ in our area.

“I saw a photo of two ladies cutting out pattern pieces and realised that the volunteers are mostly home sewers who were printing 37 sheets of A4 out, sticking them together and then cutting them out. This was definitely something I knew we could do at work, so I got in contact with the group and offered our help.

“What we’re able to supply as a company is a pack of paper pattern pieces ready cut, which save a lot of time for the sewing volunteers.

“It’s a simple thing for us to do, and we are happy to help.”

Each pack sent out by RMC to volunteer machinists contains the paper pattern pieces, as well as instructions of how to put them together, which the founders of the ‘For the Love of Scrubs’ campaign are distributing, with cut out material pattern pieces where possible, explained Nicole.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to be given some rolls of paper from Sabre, Amari and RA Smart, which has been a great help. We’re happy to send out the patterns to other scrub sewing groups too.

“There’s a real shortage of material at the moment though, and although they have raised some funds to buy material, they’re always on the lookout for donations or cost price sales.”