The new T.Foil Dark transfer paper from TheMagicTouch can be used with entry-level Oki CMYK printers, significantly reducing the cost of adding foil embellishment to your product offering

T.Foil Dark transfer paper, the latest product from TheMagicTouch (TMT), offers decorators a simple way of applying foil with no cutting or weeding needed. What makes it additionally appealing is that, in conjunction with the new SpaceControl Basic software, the new transfer paper can be used not only with white toner Oki printers, but also with entry-level Oki CMYK printers, such as the C332 and the C612, which offer a lower start-up cost.

According to Nathan Newbury, head of technical at TMT, the SpaceControl Basic software that works with the Oki printers is the vital component as it ensures the correct amount of composite black is laid down, to which the foil then adheres. It’s a straightforward process once the correct equipment is in place: the TMT/ Oki printer prints the design onto the T.Foil Dark transfer paper. The printed transfer is then applied to the garment with a heat press – in the step-by- step, TMT has used its new, entry-level HTP123, a slide-platen clam press.

A foil from one of the 18 colours available is then selected and placed over the design. The garment is heat pressed and the foil is then cold peeled – no cutting or weeding required. It’s then briefly pressed once more to ensure a durable design. TMT says a user is able to create a design this way for less than £1 up to A4 and £2 for A3. For the example shown in this step- by-step guide, Nathan used a variety of different coloured foils, placing each piece of foil over a different part of the design to create a multi-coloured foil effect.

(1) The T.Foil Dark setting is selected in SpaceControl

(2) The design is printed in composite black onto the T.Foil Dark transfer paper

(3) The HTP123 heat press is set to 165C and the garment is pre-pressed for 10 seconds to remove any moisture

(4) Position the PTFE transfer window on the garment. Place the printed T.Foil Dark transfer paper on the garment with all the edges touching the transfer window, and press for 30 seconds

(5) Allow it to cool for seven seconds, then release one corner with a shirt, sharp tug. Wait for one second, then peel the transfer in one smooth movement to reveal the print underneath

(6) Choose the T.Foil from the 18 colours available and cut to the required size

(7) Place the foil over the design, colour side up. Cover with release paper and press for 10 seconds

(8) Cold peel the T.Foil. Then, cover with release paper and seal for 20 seconds for durability and washability

(9) The finished multi-colour foil T-shirt – printed in minutes, with no requirement for cutting or weeding, and for less than £1