In our annual showcase, we round up the latest bagging, folding and finishing equipment to help you package your decorated garments to perfection

Absolute Apparel: Postal Bags

The Postal Bags (ZZ1000) from Absolute Apparel are heavy duty mailing bags with a high-strength, self-adhesive strip to protect the contents during shipping. Made using 90% recycled plastic, the 100% degradable bags come in grey in five sizes. Also available from the brand, the clear PolyBags (ZZ2000) come in four sizes and are great for packaging a product after it’s been decorated. The bags also conform to safety requirements, featuring air-release holes and a suffocation warning printed in five languages.

The Postal Bags from Absolute Apparel are 100% degradable

MHM Direct GB: Dekken T-Apparel Folding Machine

The T-Apparel Folding Machine from Dekken offers retail folding quality and is the perfect solution for your ecommerce and return handling, says MHM Direct GB. The fully automatic machine offers users a variety of different folding patterns, enabling them to fold and stack a range of clothes, apparel and garments, such as hoodies, aprons, dresses, sportswear and T-shirts. Users are able to select the different folding programs directly on the machine’s touch panel or via its scanner/barcode reader. The in-feed can also be easily switched between automatic, button or continuous in-feed mode, adds the company.

The fully automatic T-Apparel machine offers users a variety of different folding patterns

Dekken also offer automatic post- and size-labellers, as well as a fully automatic stiffener insertion to give the folded products a final touch. Once folded, the products are directed to the lift stacker station, or directly to the delivery belt located on the rear of the machine. “All of this was made possible by putting together the experience of over 30 years in the textile industry and the vision to create the most flexible, efficient and reliable machine on the market, but also by only using high-quality components,” concludes MHM Direct GB.

I-Sub: RoqFold, RoqBag and RoqPack

Roq has developed a complete line of equipment for folding and packing garments, says I-Sub. First up, the RoqFold is designed to be “easy-to-use, economical, safe and to improve the efficiency of your company”. It enables users to fold any kind and/or shape of garments, such as T-shirts (with or without sleeves), sweatshirts, long- or short-sleeve polos, trousers, skirts and dresses, and is said to be capable of a constant speed of 900 pieces per hour. The RoqFold can be coupled with either of Roq’s automatic packaging machines, the RoqBag and the RoqPack, explains the company, with “only one operator needed in the loading station to run the complete line”. 

The RoqPack uses plastic rolls, and has a maximum speed of 1,200 pieces per hour

The RoqBag automatically bags any garment using premade bags, and is said to have a maximum production speed of 500 pieces per hour. The RoqPack uses plastic rolls welded to defined dimensions, and is said to have a maximum speed of 1,200 pieces per hour. “All the modules are designed to work in an integrated manner with the least amount of manpower, but not making any compromises with the quality of the work,” adds I-Sub.

Adelco: Thermotron Folding and Bagging Solutions

Thermotron offers high quality folding and bagging machines, says UK distributor Adelco, that promise to “streamline and increase production capacity to the packing process for print shops”. The Greek manufacturer offers a comprehensive range of automatic machinery including folding, bagging, stacking, sealing and barcoding machines, which are either modular or complete in design to cater to individual user needs. The Folding Machine (STP-1000) folds ready-made clothes quickly, silently and with precision, reports Adelco. “It requires just one operator and is designed to perfectly fold various types and sizes of clothes.” The maximum production capacity is said to be 700 pieces per hour.

The Bagging Machine from Thermotron can be attached to the company’s Folding Machine

Users can attach the Folding Machine to the Bagging Machine (PV40) and Sealing Machine (KL55) and, without an additional operator, this combination of machines will fold, bag and seal the garments. Various other configurations can also be put together with the Folding Machine, such as the Stacking Machine (NT50), for stacked, folded clothes.This year, Thermotron launched a Barcoding Label Printing Machine that attaches labels to plastic bags, and can also be added to other machines in the range to achieve a seamless production line, explains Adelco. “This large combination of choices, as well as semi-automatic options, aims to offer the most cost-effective purchase for the print shop.”

Screen Print World: Amscomatic Finishing Equipment

Screen Print World, which distributes M&R’s Amscomatic range of finishing equipment in the UK, says the return-on-investment (ROI) for product finishing equipment — folding, bagging and labelling — can often be quite rapid.

“In many cases, the monthly cost of automated finishing equipment is much less than the labour cost of the employees required for the manual processes.

“The speed and efficiency of automated finishing equipment can, and should, turn this area of the business into a profit centre rather than an incurred cost.”

Screen Print World says the Amscomatic AB-9000 Automatic Bagging System offers great ROI

The Amscomatic finishing equipment can process 1,000 garments per hour or more, while requiring only one or two operators, reports Screen Print World. “The Amscomatic K-950 Automatic Folding Machine, L-15H and UPA-II Labeling Systems and AB-9000 Automatic Bagging System can be profitable additions to any shop.” Finishing should be seen as offering a value-added service to your customers, concludes the company, and further differentiates your business from other shops.

Amaya: Chiossi e Cavazzuti Speedy T

The Speedy T folding and semi-automatic packaging machine from Chiossi e Cavazzuti is an indispensable option for the fast and uniform folding of T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and other garments, says Amaya.

The machine has interchangeable blades that the company says are “very easy to adjust” and will adapt the fold to the required size to suit all garment shapes and sizes.

“They can be changed in a few seconds, from baby T-shirts to extra large sizes. The factors of its success are the reliable fold quality combined with its heavy-duty production capability,” adds Amaya.

The Speedy T from Chiossi e Cavazzuti has a stacking mode and a packaging mode

The Speedy T operates in two ways: a stacking mode, where each folded garment is placed on the automatically descending stacker that has a photocell to indicate when the stack is at its maximum load and stop the machine; and a packaging mode, where at the end of each work cycle the garment remains on the last blade which can then be lifted up and packed into a bag. The machine’s electronic control device can operated in five languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. It offers a number of features, including a reset function, self-diagnosis of anomalies and faults, and 10 folding programs that can also be customised. When it has reached the preset number of pieces, the machine also provides a production count and report, and it features hourly production programming with an acoustic signal for productions below the minimum threshold setting.