Heat presses, digital transfers, garment films, sublimation inks and more… This month we’re showcasing the essential products and services for heat-applied garment decoration

Epson: SureColor SC-F500 and SC-F6300

Epson has launched two new dye sublimation printers: the Surecolor SC-F500 and SC-F6300. The SureColor SC-F500 represents a new departure for Epson into the 24” dye sublimation print market. It offers users a complete solution of printer, firmware, ink and paper from the manufacturer. “For such a small printer, it boasts a high capacity, continuous ink system topped up from 140ml bottles, thus significantly reducing the cost per ml compared to other options,” said Epson.
The new SC-F500 24″ dye sub printer

The SC-F500 also features both roll feed and cut sheet A4/A3 paper options, which can be used for textile sampling, rigid media and 3D objects when used A successor to SureColor’s F6200 model, the new SC-F6300 is said to offer improved productivity due to a more robust feed system, and an optional take-up mechanism designed for users printing rolls of fabrics. Combined with easier maintenance, this makes the 44” unit “more reliable and improves uptime” for its users, says Epson.


TheMagicTouch: T.Foil Dark, T.One and WoW

Following the launch of its ‘no cutting, no weeding’ WoW and T.One transfers, TheMagicTouch (TMT) has developed new image transfer solutions using the same CMYK and white toner-based printer technology. These include the new T.Foil Dark transfer paper, offering metallic foil decoration – again without the need for cutting and weeding. TMT says its image transfer processes enable full-colour imaging onto a vast range of garments and textiles, regardless of colour requirements, as well as promotional and B2B products.
BagBase accessories decorated using TheMagicTouch transfer products

Jim Nicol, the company’s UK managing director, said: “Garment decorators need to offer more products and services to their existing clients, which is easy to say, but harder to implement. However, we have proven methods perfected over the past 28 years that work, and are affordable and effective in generating sales and enhancing the customer experience.” During 2019, the company has worked closely with major clothing brands in perfecting solutions for full-colour decoration of new and popular garments made from a variety of different fabric compositions including cotton, polyester, softshell, denim, canvas and even leather. TMT recently collaborated with Beechfield Brands to create “the best affordable full-colour transfer decoration” for Beechfield’s range of BagBase bags and accessories. The company has also launched its full-colour decoration process on vacuum bottles, which, its says, will be “part of our lives for many years to come, as we combat the use of single-use plastics and understand the benefits of such innovative products”.


Target Transfers: Stahls’ Hotronix Power Platen

The Stahls’ Hotronix Power Platen made a big impact this summer, reports Target Transfers. “Sportswear decorators, in particular, are using this revolutionary lower platen to eliminate the dreaded heat-press box on heat-sensitive fabrics.” The Power Platen is compatible with an existing Hotronix press, and users can replace it with their current platen using the quick-release mechanism. Target Transfers has also opened its Heat Press Innovation Centre in Essex, which includes the “UK’s largest display of Hotronix machines”.
Stahls’ Hotronix Power Platen is said to eliminate the “dreaded heat-press box” on heat-sensitive fabrics

“Choosing a heat press is an important decision,” says the company. “We want to make sure you get the right heat press based on your business needs. Is it an auto-open press? A press with a swing- and-drawer function? Or an air-powered press?” All heat press types are available to test at the Innovation Centre, with developments in heat transfer vinyl and custom heat transfers also on show. “Be the first to test HTV flex with a five-second fuse and hot peel, and take a masterclass into how custom heat transfers work,” adds Target Transfers. Bookings for the Innovation Centre are available by appointment. 


Schulze: Mug-15 Turbo

The Mug-15 Turbo is Schulze’s “first fully automated mug heat press for mass production”, offering a mug sublimation process that has “never been so fast and efficient”, according to the company. The settings on a Mug-15 Turbo are entered, saved and recalled via touchscreen, its display showing at a glance which preheating and transfer stations are occupied, and how long the transfer process will last. “Temperature and transfer times can be easily set and changed too,” adds Schulze. “The automated heat press is equipped with eight preheating stations, which prepare the cups for sublimation.
The Schulze Mug-15 Turbo – “the world’s first fully automated mug heat press for mass production”

“The system gives the fully automated robot arm its instructions and occupies the empty stations, picking up a mug from the preheating station and placing it in one of the 15 heating stations. After the transfer process, the mug is positioned and actively cooled on the designated section. At the end of the cooling section, the temperature cools down to such an extent that the sublimation process is complete,” Schulze explains.


Graphtec GB: CE Lite-50 Cutting Plotter

Part of the wide range of digital cutters available from Graphtec GB, the latest CE Lite-50 has been developed to bridge the gap between the company’s Silhouette desktop and the CE6000 series of cutters. “With the addition only of an inexpensive heat press and a similarly low-cost desktop digital printer, the CE Lite-50 provides an ideal integrated print-and-cut solution for the customisation of sport, leisure and workplace clothing, as well as promotional products branding, at a fraction of the cost that would normally be incurred,” the company explains.
The CE Lite-50 from Graphtec GB has a “faster than normal” cutting speed of 500mm/sec

The CE Lite-50 is reported to have a “faster than normal” cutting speed of 500mm/sec, and an ability to comfortably handle vinyl materials, including heat transfers, up to a width of 500mm. Graphtec says it will also handle media in multiple sizes, ranging from A3 up to Super A3, and comes with performance warranties. The new cutter includes the latest Version 7 of Graphtec’s Advanced Registration Mark Sensing (ARMS) system designed for media tracking and cutting accuracy. It also features Cutting Master 4 design and production software, which accommodates data created in Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw programs.


Amaya Sales UK: Sef Garment Film and Forever Transfer Paper

Amaya Sales UK offers a wide variety of heat transfer methods, including the eco-friendly Sef garment film and Forever transfer paper. Sef has recently released its Blaze Cut holographic range, which Amaya says is the ultimate in eye-catching flex. Also available is the Sef Velcut Flock, as well as the Sef Tatoo opaque polyurethane film, which is suitable for eco-solvent, solvent and latex printing. All Sef films are produced using water-based formulations with no solvents.
The Oki Pro 8432 white toner printer can be used with Forever Laser Dark transfer paper for full-colour printing onto dark garments

Amaya also offers a range of Forever transfer papers “to satisfy all your needs for full- and single-colour printing onto dark and light products”. These include two “no-cut, no- weeding” products – the Forever Laser Dark for full-colour onto dark garments, and the Flexsoft for single colours – both of which can be digitally printed with the Oki Pro 8432 white toner printer. “To finish othese films and transfers perfectly,” adds Amaya, “we also supply the range of Stahls’ heat presses. Our most popular model is the Hotronix Fusion IQ press with both drawer and swing options, which shows users the pressure readings for quality finishing. “For perfect cutting, we also offer the range of Graphtec equipment, which is accurate and easy to use.”


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