Fiery has released a new version of Digital Factory, its RIP software for print applications including direct-to-film (DTF), direct-to-garment (DTG) and sublimation.

Features of version 11 of Digital Factory include unique, patent-pending white ink management technology. The single-pass highlight white/underbase can print bright white that results in vibrant colours and reduces print time.

It also includes a variety of robust job preparation and automation tools aimed at maximising productivity and throughput while minimising production errors, supporting efficient, high-volume production with high quality.

John Henze, vice president of sales and marketing at Fiery, said the features included in Digital Factory v11 were specifically developed based on feedback from key stakeholders including manufacturers, dealers and customers.

“For example, the single pass highlight white/underbase feature is truly revolutionary when printing with white inks, making white highlights within the design pop off the garment by being significantly brighter.

“In addition to this, the new automation as well as ecommerce-related features enable users to achieve their business objectives by providing the tools needed for high-quality, high-volume production all using a single software platform.”

Fiery Digital Factory, part of CADlink’s portfolio of software, offers high-fidelity colour printing, professional job preparation and management tools for streamlining production workflow from start to finish.