This brilliant design was embroidered onto workwear by RA Vinyl Designs in Whitby, North Yorkshire, for Fetch Dog Services, a dog sitting and walking service in Hampshire

The embroidery on the coat, hoodie and T-shirts was approx. 100mm round and consisted of around 27,400 stitches, explained Rach Hodgson, owner of RA Vinyl Designs. 

“For the headwear, the design was about 60mm round with 14,500 stitches, each taking around 45 minutes – Fetch Dog Services were amazed by the embroidery!”

RA Vinyl Designs decorated Pro RTX’s Pro Hoodie (RX350) and Pro T-Shirt (RX151), plus Regatta Professional’s Dover Waterproof Insulated Jacket (TRW297), and Beechfield’s Original 5 Panel Cap (B10) and Original Cuffed Beanie (B45). 

The company embroidered the garments using its Brother PR670E and PR680E embroidery machines and Madeira UK’s Classic threads. The back of the garments were also printed using TheMagicTouch’s MagiCut 123 Flex heat transfer vinyl.