The last stage has been dismantled, the final can of cider has been drunk and the Portaloos have been cleaned – festival season is over for another year. We showcase the festival T-shirts that stood out from the crowd this summer

This year’s winning T-shirt design in the annual competition run by Positivus Festival. Printed by Positivus in collaboration with H&M and designed by Marju Piimet, Alexa Prohorenkova and RIGA/SNAP

Latitude Festival T-shirt printed by TOTShirts

Lechlade Music Festival T-shirt printed by T-Shirt Studio

Isle of Wight Festival T-shirt printed by TOTShirts

Wild Life Festival T-shirt printed by TOTShirts

Victorious Festival T-shirt printed by UK Flyers. (Extra marks for the moustache!)

Bestival T-shirt printed by TOTShirts

With hundreds of festivals across Europe, we’ve only scratched the surface of this summer’s top festival tees. Have you printed any festival shirts in 2015? If so, send us a photo of the shirt(s), details of the event, plus your contact details and a website address for the festival. We’re looking forward to seeing your work.

Email or file transfer the images to: (and put ‘Festival’ in the subject line).