Visitors to Fespa Global Print Expo 2018 in Berlin, Germany, in May, will be able to enjoy a new interactive visitor feature called Print Make Wear that replicates a fast fashion factory.

Print Make Wear, which is free to Fespa visitors, will take the form of a live production environment, highlighting every step in the screen and digital printing production process, from initial design to finished product. It will include a screen printing carousel, washing and drying equipment, digital direct-to-garment printing, cutting and sewing, and solutions for welding and embellishment.

Brands contributing to the feature include Premier Textiles, MagnaColours, Brother, Juki and Vastex. A live catwalk will also take place, with the garments being designed by Sandra Zomer from The Netherlands, who works for British fashion designer Julien MacDonald.

Daily seminar sessions will also take place at Print Make Wear, from screen making to fabric challenges.

To pre-register to attend Fespa Global Print Expo 2018, which takes place on 15-18 May, click on the banner ad in the sidebar to be taken to the event website. For free entry, use the code TXTM801.