Fespa has announced that the Colour L*A*B* feature at its Munich show in May will feature a free conference programme of colour management presentations by experts such as Paul Sherfield, owner of The Missing Horse Consultancy and colour management expert; Laurel Brunner and Paul Lindström from Digitaldots.org, the independent graphic arts research group specialising in digital pre-press, printing and publishing technologies; Mike Scrutton, director of print technology at Adobe; and Dr Andreas Kraushaar, director of pre-press at Fogra.

The Colour L*A*B* showcase will see Adobe, Barbieri, EFI, Eizo, HP, Just Normlicht, Pantone, Techkon and X-Rite displaying their colour management solutions, from calibrated monitors to colorimeters and spectrophotometers, via viewing cabinets and software and colour systems.

The half-hour seminars will run daily between 11am-4.30pm on 14-16 May and between 11am-3pm on 17 May. Guided tours led by Paul Sherfield, Laurel Brunner and Paul Lindström will also be available, and will provide an overview of all the individual elements contributing to professional colour management. The 45-minute tours will run five times a day on 14-16 May and three times on 17 May. They can be booked in advance via the Fespa Global Print Expo website.

Graeme Richardson-Locke, technical support manager at Fespa says: “The Colour L*A*B* tours will offer PSPs an interactive experience that will help them build the knowledge, competence and confidence to make the most of the latest management tools available and achieve consistent colour throughout their production.”

To register for Fespa Global Print Expo or to book a Colour L*A*B* tour, visit the website. Use the code FESM910 when registering for free entry.