Fespa has launched the new Fespa Direct membership service. This will enable Print service providers (PSPs) who are not located in one of FESPA’s 37 association countries to join FESPA as a direct member.

Sean Holt, general secretary, Fespa commented: “Over the years we’ve had requests from PSPs who are not located in Fespa’s existing association countries to be part of Fespa, so we are delighted that with this launch we can offer them support directly. By being a member of Fespa Direct, PSPs can benefit from insight, useful tools and networking opportunities to support and grow their businesses.”

The new membership service is hosted on Fespa’s new website (fespa.com), which has been designed to improve the visitor experience for all Fespa stakeholders. Sarah Farrell, head of marketing at Fespa noted: “The main aim of the new fespa.com site was to add value for visitors. Whether an association member, exhibition visitor or exhibitor, or someone who is part of our wider speciality print community, we wanted to make sure that everyone visiting our site can easily find what they are looking for… Visitors to the website will be able to view a range of content that is curated by our in-house content producer, who works with a global team of contributors including technical experts, commentators and specialist journalists in order to provide interesting and informative content covering all of FESPA’s key industry sectors.”

Membership to Fespa Direct is annual and costs €250. For more information on signing up visit www.fespa.com/direct.