If you want to learn digitising quickly, then enlist the help of a pro. A professional embroidery trainer will be able to teach you the basics and have you digitising simple logos by the end of the day

Professional training comes in two flavours: group classes and one-to-one. Group classes usually consist of a dozen people, which makes them very reasonably priced, however the room will consist of mixed abilities, which will dictate the pace of the day. An alternative option is private tuition, which is likely to cost more, but where you get the full attention of the trainer who can tailor the session to suit your needs.

When you’re looking for a trainer it makes sense to find one familiar with your brand of software. Ask your distributor for a list of accredited trainers and contact them for testimonials. A good trainer will have a solid background in all aspects of embroidery, from running the machines to digitising the designs. They will know how different fabrics react to stitches and show you how to compensate for that in the design. Take plenty of notes because these sort of tips are like gold-dust!

Online learning is becoming more and more popular and you can find plenty of free tutorials on YouTube. However, be aware that the quality of the instruction can be hit and miss. It’s much better to subscribe to one of the professional courses, such as www.wilcomtutorials.com. This is run by Dean Roscoe, an award-winning digitiser and Wilcom Authorised Training Centre (ATC). During his 18 years in the business Dean has digitised for Disney, Harley Davidson, Budweiser and many other global brands. Visit the website to find out more about Dean’s training services and see samples of his work.