A new fashion collection from Japanese designer Jun Takahashi showcases Avery Dennison’s new Embelex service which provides high-definition embellishments.

The Undercover collection of suits, jackets and coats, combining streetwear with high fashion, incorporates famous scenes from Alfred Hitchcock films such as Psycho.

They have been made with full panels of high-definition, digitally-woven fabrics as well as highly detailed patches created by Embelex.

Avery Dennison, which specialises in innovations in materials science, branding and manufacturing, launched Embelex in spring this year to offer specialist heat transfers, patches and badges to garment decorators, manufacturers, brands and retailers.

Jun Takahashi said: “This collection is all about giving a distorted and unique perspective to everyday clothes so that they can be extended beyond the conventional. What Embelex allows is the ability to produce incredibly high-quality embellishments, bringing my vision to life.”

Jeremy Bauer, global commercial director for Embelex at Avery Dennison RBIS, added: “Through embellishments we have the power to create garments that break the mould and stand out, allowing consumers to showcase their personalities through their style.”