These fantastic jackets were embroidered by Print Inc. Embroidery & Print in Carmarthenshire for the luxury wedding venue Fairyhill by Oldwalls in South Wales

We knew that Fairyhill would require a robust jacket, which was both windproof and waterproof, explained Angela Windsor, director of Print Inc.

“We opted for the Nimbus Mapleton Urban Tech Parka (NB77M) as it was perfect for the needs of Fairyhill when showing guests to their rooms or cottage.”

Using artwork provided by Fairyhill, Print Inc digitised the logo in-house and then used its Tajima embroidery machines, plus embroidery threads from Madeira UK, to decorate the NB77M jackets, which were supplied by Ralawise.

“The embroidery took approx. 18 minutes per jacket,” added Angela.

“I was absolutely delighted with the feedback from Fairyhill, and the results of the embroidery and jackets chosen — it was a credit to our team for their work and level of attention to detail!”

Print Inc embroidered the Nimbus Mapleton Urban Tech Parka for Fairyhill by Oldwalls