Jack Player of Ouroboros Screen Prints in Norwich plays the guitar in Faintest Idea, a ska punk band that began in 2006 and is signed to TNS Records. The band’s album Increasing the Minimum Rage came out earlier this year.

All the band’s merch is screen printed (hand-pulled) by Jack.



Band File

Band name: Faintest Idea

Band members: Dani (bass/vocals), Jack (guitar), Bobble (trombone), Little Dan (saxophone), Sara (trumpet) and Brew (drums)

Date formed: 2006

Genre: ska-punk

Biggest musical influence: Rancid

Crowd pleasing tune: Bull In A China Shop

Best-ever gig: Each and  every time we play Boomtown Fair (Devil Kicks crew!)

Sum up your band in one sentence: Rude boy street punk

Best band T-shirt you’ve ever owned: I’ve had some pretty badass Leftöver Crack t-shirts. The type of shirt you wouldn’t wear to your mum’s for tea.

Best band moment/anecdote: How long have you got? Touring Russia in 2014 was pretty crazy, there are some brilliant and hilarious stories from that trip. Needless to say we had the last laugh.

Jack playing with Faintest Idea

The type of shirt you wouldn’t wear to your mum’s for tea

The latest vest from Faintest Idea

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