The FreeStyler with the optional under-counter Expose DTS UV Screen Exposure System

According to Exile Technologies, “FreeStyler DTS is the world’s first truly affordable computer-to-screen solution with a UK list price of £9,995”.

The FreeStyler uses low-cost, disposable printer cartridges that the company says contain specially developed UV-blocking black ink for enhanced UV density (DMAX> 3.5 UV). It offers screen printers an alternative to film positives by digitally printing the image stencil directly on to a normal emulsion-coated screen. “After imaging, the screen is ready for immediate exposure ‘under-the-counter’ using the optional integrated Expose DTS LED exposure system, designed specifically to compliment the FreeStyler,” comments Exile Technologies. There is no need for glass or vacuum, and the water-based ink washes off quickly and easily along with the unexposed emulsion.

The FreeStyler supports screen frames up to 36” x 26” (66 x 91 cm) with a maximum 29” x 20” imaging area on screen. It also includes the ScreenMaker RIP, which incorporates optional ‘in RIP’ separations and supports direct printing from various graphics applications, as well as having a ‘drag and drop’ print option. Images are positioned digitally relative to the screen size via ScreenMaker’s Template function and Exile Technologies says “registration accuracy is guaranteed via FreeStyler’s built-in three-point registration system”.


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