The FreeStyler from Exile Technologies ensures perfect registration

FreeStyler’s new DTG/Screen Hybrid print mode transforms the FreeStyler Computer-to-Screen system into a dual format imaging device that produces both a screen stencil and a DTG print from the same printing platform.

First the FreeStyler is used to image a white underbase screen stencil. Black and dark colour shirts are then screen printed with the white underbase using special low profile T-shirt platens, which are used to transport the shirts from the screen press to the FreeStyler to maintain perfect registration. A quick ‘drop in – drop out’ fixing system is installed onto an existing screen printing T-shirt pallet and also on the FreeStyler to accommodate the special T-shirt platens.

Registration set up is quick and easy, says Mark Evans of Exile Technologies. A dummy shirt printed on the FreeStyler is used to make positional adjustments on the screen press. This ‘closed loop’ registration technique ensures that when the subsequent screen printed shirts are mounted on the FreeStyler, the DTG CMYK inks are then printed in exactly the same position over the top of the screen ink. After DTG printing, additional screen printed spot colours such as highlight white or a glitter can also be added for speciality garments combining two or more screen printing inks with DTG CMYK prints.


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